ZWCAD 2020 Professional provides familiar Classic and Ribbon interfaces. With the similar CAD commands, you can use ZWCAD immediately without any re-learning cost. ZWCAD 2020 Professional is a proven CAD solution with over 900,000 satisfied users across 90 countries.


ZwCAD 2020

ZWCAD 2020 Professional provides familiar Classic and Ribbon interfaces. With the similar CAD commands, you can use ZWCAD immediately without any re-learning cost. ZWCAD 2020 Professional is a proven CAD solution with over 900,000 satisfied users across 90 countries.

It's fast. Unprecedentedly.

Thanks to multi-core processing technology, the performance of ZWCAD 2020 will not let you down. How fast actually? Some figures in comparison with ZWCAD 2019 may tell:

  • Most commonly-used commands and operations: 150% faster on average
  • Opening drawings: 32.4% faster
  • Loading drawings: 73.5% faster

At the same time, we didn't forget the stability, to bring you fast but stable experience.

All data you need in one table, at a time.

Now with Data Extraction, you can extract various properties and data of an object, and insert them to the current drawing as a table, or export them to an external file in .csv / .xls format. If you need some data in your project for measuring or purchasing, you can acquire them from the drawing conveniently.

New in this version

This Release Note mainly introduces the performance of efficiency and st ability, new features and improvements, API, new commands and system variables, bug fixes, and limitation and notes in ZWCAD 2020 Professional.
  • Annotation Scale List Reset - Storing too many annotation scales will spoil the performance of the drawing and its referenced drawings. Now, a prompt will pop up when opening a drawing with lots of annotation scales. It will remind the users to reset scale list to the default state by removing unneeded custom scales, improving the performance when dealing with annotative objects.
  • PDF Underlay Manager - To better manage the attached PDF Underlays, PDF Underlay Manager is now ready for our users in this version. After attaching PDF Underlays, input PDFATTACH again, then the dialog box of PDF Underlay Manager will pop up for users to check the status, size, type, date, saving path, etc. of all the PDF Underlays.Users can also attach a new PDF Underlay in this dialog box, and detach, reload, unload or open an existing one, enabling them to manage all the PDF Underlays in the drawing more conveniently.
  • Data Extraction - Data Extraction enables users to extract various data from objects by filters. There are dozens of different types of data including length, angle, color, layer, area, radius, etc. All these extracted data will be shown in a table or be exported to a file in .csv or .xls format.With this feature users can easily acquire the data they need from the drawing. It is especially useful in the situation that numerous data need to be extracted at one time.
  • Lisp Debugger - Activated by command VLIDE or VLISP, Lisp Debugger is used to debug lisp programs. Developed based on Visual Studio Code from MicrosoftTM, it enables developers to debug their lisp programs with breakpoint inspection and modify it easily. What's more, if users have already installed the Visual Studio Code, they can directly download ZwLisp in Microsoft Extensions Marketplace.


Familiar Interface and Commands
  • ZWCAD provides familiar Classic and Ribbon interface, you can easily switch to choose the environment you prefer. With the familiar CAD commands and alias that you have already known how to use, you can use ZWCAD 2020 Professional immediately without any re-learning cost.
  • Open or save DWG/DXF drawings from ACAD.
  • Import DGN files, exchange drawings with MicroStation.
  • Smart Voice - Add annotation with voice record.
  • Smart Mouse - Trigger commands by mouse gesture.
  • Smart Select - Multi-filter for selection, select objects that match certain properties.
  • Barcode & QR Code - Convert text information as barcode or QR code and embed in the drawing.
2D Drafting
  • Auto-complete Command Input - Help to find commands more quickly.
  • MText - Multi-line text, full text editing functions.
  • Images - Insert raster images, support formats like JPG, PNG & BPM
  • Block - Collect geometry together into one object which you can use repeatedly.
  • External Reference - Attach other DWG drawings as references.
  • Table - Use table to present data like revision table or bill of materials.
  • MLeaders - Attach multi-leader annotations.
  • Associative Dimension - Dimension adjusted along with the geometric objects.
  • Revision Cloud - Mark the revision items with free-form clouds around them and call attention to them.
  • Layer Properties Manager - Set layer properties like color, linetype and VP Freeze.
  • Attribute Block - Block embeds textual information such as inventory numbers, prices, description and more.
  • Zoom and Pan - Pressing the mouse wheel or rolling to pan and zoom, easily manipulate the view.
Advanced Tools
  • Dynamic Block - Block with parameters, easy to modify.
  • Match Property - Apply existing style to other objects.
  • Insert OLE Object - Use document from other applications.
  • File Compare - Compare two similar drawings and highlight the differences.
  • Tool Palettes - Organize, share, and place commands, blocks, and other tools.
  • Super Hatch - Use block, external drawing, or image as hatch pattern.
  • Reference Manager - Manage all external resources like text, image and drawing.
  • Object Isolation - Control the visibility of specified objects.
  • Quick Calculator - Perform calculation within CAD just as you would with a desktop calculator.
  • Block Attribute Manager - View, edit and synchronize attributes in batches.
  • Design Center - Search and access your design resources easily.
  • PDF and DWFx underlay - Attach PDF and DWFx as underlays.
  • Annotative Object - Make annotations always readable in different plotting scales
3D Features
  • Modeling - Create and modify 3D model with solid, surface and mesh modeling tools.
  • Viewing - View freely with 3D Orbit, and get offset or perspective view with camera target simulation.
  • Visualizing - Set visual style like wireframe, hidden and shade, get a photorealistic view with rendering.
  • Print with STB/CTB plot style - Assign how things print such as color, lineweight and linetype etc.
  • Print or publish in other formats - Output DWG drawings to other formats for sharing.
  • ZWCAD supports LISP, VBA, ZRX, and .NET application programming interfaces, many vertical applications are already working perfectly with ZWCAD.