ANAFI Thermal

ANAFI Thermal

The ANAFI Thermal is a truly versatile drone that allows architects, engineers, builders, electricians, refrigerators and property managers to safely carry out studies and inspections with the two built-in cameras.


Parrot Anafi Thermal

Double appearance, distinctions and colors with thermal and 4K require for whenever needed
Dual appearance, availability (Flir 160x120, -10 ° C to + 400 ° C) and per (4K HDR) optical
Compact folding drone with USB-C charging system. 180 ° tilt x3 Zoom cameras
Easy to use with the FreeFlight application 6. Loud, quiet and with requirements up to 50km / h

1 Parrot ANAFI Thermal Drone with 2 cameras (Thermal + 4K)
1 Skycontroller parrot 3
1 shoulder bag
1 case for tablet
3 batteries in total (3x26 minutes flight time)
4 USB-A / USB-C cables
1 multi-port USB charger
1 additional propeller set (8 blades)
1 MicroSD card 16 GB

The 2 precision cameras of ANAFI record the invisible and the visible.
A FLIR® thermal dialogue radiometric imaging technology, the required multifaceted thermal differences differences and queries available in the search: hot spots, calories, thermal differences ... Once 4K HDR with different Sony 21MP, image available for visual inspection. Application to accurately inspect a site, capture intermediate elements of the nature of disposal or perforated requirements at a time.



Lightweight (315g / 11.1 ounces) and requires a pop with a minimalist folding design, ANAFI is thermally unfoldable and can be applied in 3 different characters. Accompanying each mission.

FreeFlight 6 Application you need to switch from RGB view to thermal view or merge everything for complete recognition and use in photos.
In a few dissertations, disrupt the colors and videos of the employees with whom, demanding, and collaborators.
Repeat video and apply the available photos for the isolation required or in the requirements analysis.
Compatible with carefully composed FLIR (r) Tools, require repair reports in PDF format.

As preparers of appearance and switching, in a few years I'm in the mood to find out during the requirements on a treadmill, or to do a tottl once.

As a professional process of creative search, separations of each species or its personal required time required, required thermal readings, get a one-time overview of heat loss programmed applications or monitor the situation in construction. The drone access benefits vector access and ambiguities during requirements for scaffolding and scaffolding

As mood experts, from, from a distance to demand hot spots and demand and, with the photos I display, I see deposit in the application / appearance. Whether it displays 4K images in warm colors, ages in transit availability to be faster, without risking everything.

As special users of character and maintenance, to operate with the remote control discreetly and silently, which display the material very strained for children. The Parrot ANAFI thermally makes the time, the detection and the counting of the species, the pilot quotes in questions every time we double each time and the animals from the poachers via remote control.



Folded size: 218x69x64mm • Folded (spirals folded): 242x315x64mm
Weight: 315 g
Maximum transmission distance: 4km with the Parrot SkyController 3
Maximum flight time: 26 minutes
Maximum work: 55km / h
Maximum retention: 4m / s
Maximum endurance distance: 50km / h
Roof appearance: 4,500m AMSL
Operating temperature: -10 ° C to 40 ° C
Barometric and dynamometer
Chroti prayer and ultrasound student
2x6-IMU values
2x3-values accelerometers
2x3-values diaroscopes
Folded size: 94 x152 x72mm
Folded size: 153x152x116mm
Weight: 386g
Transmission system: Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n
Frequent processes: 2.4GHz - 5.8GHz
Maximum range after approach: 4km
Visible flow resolution: 720p (HD) 1280x720
Battery capacity: 2, 500mAh 3.6 V
Supported mobile applications:
Without adapter for tablet: Size up to 6.2 "
With adapter for tablet: Size up to 10 "
• USB ports: USB-C (charging), USB-A (Connection)
Type: LiPo 2S
Capacity: 2700mAh
Voltage: 7.6 V
Weight: 124 gr
Proximity range: -20 ° C / 60 ° C
Charging time: 1h15 - 2h30
Maximum charging power: 26.1 W (3A * 8.7 V)
Power: 52 W
AC input: 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz, 1, 5A (max)
Output: 4x USB: DC 5V / 6.8A (every 2.4 A Max)
USB Quick Charge 3.0: DC 3.6V-6.5V / 3A,
6.5V-9V / 2A, 9V-12V / 1.5A
Energy implementation: Level VI
Dimensions: 95x28.8x61mm
Weight: 200g
AC Power Cables: USA, EU, UK

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