Easy and reliable imaging spectrometer for UAV The Cubert S 185 is the lightest version of our revolutionary full frame imaging technology. Thus it combines the precision of hyperspectral cameras with the ease of use of a snapshot camera. In combination, this camera provides the smartest access to hyperspectral areal images you could ever imagine. With no need of an IMU you will get full hyperspectral cubes in 1/1000 of a second! Furthermore the preprocessed cubes are transferred to the ground station during flight and you can start to analyze your areal hyperspectral images already on site!




Real-time Spectral Imaging

The FireflEYE 185 is the workhorse of Cubert’s hyperspectral snapshot cameras. With a weight of less than 500g it’s designed for easy implementation onboard a UAV or for an easy-to-handle and flexible measurement experience in the field or laboratory.


  • Standard light-weight housing (S185)
  • Industrial housing IP65 (Q185)
  • Waterproof housing IP68 (U185)

Cubert Utils Software Features

To enable time-saving analyses, a complete Hyperspectral Index Library for agricultural applications is fully integrated.

Furthermore, an Image Cassification engine based on machine learning is also available. This easy-to-use software add-on allows online classification directly in the live data stream.

What you should know

In lab use the FireflEYE can be equipped with Close-Up Lenses, allowing a macroscopic scale view with a spot size of only a few mm to cm.

Attaching a Relay Lens to the FireflEYE eventually provides full interchangeability for C-mount lenses. Mount the camera on your microscope or endoscope without the need of an additional calibration.

If needed, a special industrial housing with IP65 ensures a high robustness. Upgrade to IP68 and use the 185 underwater to a depth of 5m.

  • wavelength range: 450-950nm, 125 bands
  • spectral resolution: 8nm@532nm, sampling 4nm
  • spatial resolution: 1000×1000 px panchromatic / 50×50 px spectral (2500 spectra per cube)
  • weight 490g, power consumption 8W@12V
  • Standard housing in elongated and angled version available
  • Industrial and waterproof housing available



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