The ULTRIS hyperspectral imaging (HIS) camera from Cubert GmbH, based on light field technology, features an Ultra-HD 20 MPixel CMOS image sensor, 400 x 400 resolution, and 100 spectral channels that cover a spectrum between 450 nm and 850 nm. The camera records objects with multiple images, each with its own optical bandpass filter with a different center wavelength, for simultaneous capture of 160,000 spectra. With a weight of 350 g, according to the manufacturer the ULTRIS camera is fit for UAV deployment. A ruggedized version with IP65 protection, and a waterproof version with IP68 protections that can be deployed underwater to a depth of 5 m, are available. The ULTRIS camera includes 2 GigE interfaces and has an operating temperature of 5° C to 65 C°.




Bringing Light Field Technology to HSI

The Cubert ULTRIS breaks new ground as the first HSI camera that is based on the light field technology. The camera features an Ultra-HD CMOS sensor with 20 MP, making it to the imaging spectrometer with the world-wide highest available resolution. The camera provides a native image resolution of 400×400 px with 100 spectral channels, continuously covering the wavelength range from 450 nm to 850 nm.


  • Standard light-weight housing IP40 (S20)
  • Industrial housing IP65 (Q20)
  • Waterproof housing IP68 (U20)

Pioneering Concept

The ULTRIS records an object with a multitude of images, each with its own optical bandpass filter with different center wavelength. This is made possible by combining a continuously variable bandpass filter with a lenslet array.

Applying this concept to the UHD sensor, the previously unheard number of 160,000 spectra is acquired simultaneously.

What you should know

With its 350g the camera is even more light-weighted than the established FireflEYE 185, making it ready for an easy handling onboard a UAV.

In order to fulfill the requirements of an industrial environment, a ruggedized housing with IP65 ensures a high robustness. Upgrade the ULTRIS to waterproof IP68 and use it underwater to a depth of 5m.

  • wavelength range: 450-850nm, 100 bands
  • spectral resolution: 2% of center wavelength, sampling 4nm
  • spatial resolution: 400×400 px spectral (160,000 spectra per cube)
  • power consumption 10W@12V
  • Standard light weight housing, weight 350g
  • Industrial and waterproof housing available





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