Matterport Pro2 3D

Matterport Pro2 3D

Pro2 3D Camera The gold standard for professional 3D capture from our best-in-class camera.




Capture, share, and work in a 3D environment.

The Matterport Pro2 3D camera collects data in a minimum of time and allows you with minimal training to create and edit 3D models easily and automatically.


How it works.



Scan any space, from a small room in a home or hotel to an entire office or factory building, with the Matterport Capture app. Accurate 3D results help you make the most of your space. You automatically get amazing quality images and a range of ready-to-edit items.

Capture your space with the push of a button, collect accurate information, data and images.


The Matterport platform creates the 3D digital model for you. It automates many of the things you would normally do manually. It can locate objects in the rooms, staple all your scans and rebuild your space into an experience that anyone can see.

Automatically blurs people's faces and selects the most attractive photos and videos.

Converts 360 panoramic images into 3D spaces.

Creates accurate measurements.



Once the digital 3D model is created you can customize the 3D navigation, add, modify and comment on your space.

Create videos and tours.

Create your video and set your starting points.

Incorporate Mattertags ™ with text, links and videos.




Share your digital model and related information with anyone on any device. It's as easy as sharing a photo. You will be able to increase your collaboration and productivity, as well as expand your customer reach.

Sharing on social media.

Email anyone using a simple link.

Embed the 3D digital model on your website.

Post to Google Street View.

Send schematic floor plans.

Create photos, videos, animated GIFs, OBJs, XYZs, JPGs, and 4K PDF files.