FLIR Ex-XT Series

FLIR Ex-XT Series

Νέα σειρά θερμικών καμερών Ex από τη FLIR με τη μοναδική τεχνολογία MSX (Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging)



FLIR Exx-Series

FLIR processed the Exx difference to make use of inspections, analyzes and approaches and handheld thermal camera approaches with a pistol. Users E75, E85, E95 and the same time thermal imaging cameras Application E53 are essential with what I ask to do differential, to locate building shortcut diagrams, to go through electronic and electronic products and to remove the optional optional purchase. 


Easy and advanced

If you can drag, tap and move on your smartphone, then you can operate the FLIR Exx Series infrared cameras. The new interface is easier than ever to operate and captures, analyzes, annotates, and stores images efficiently. Camera selections can be made on the touch screen or from the menu buttons below the screen when your hands are gloved. so it will not matter what environment you work in.


The features you need.

Starting with the 43,200 pixels of the FLIR E53 up to 161,432 pixels of the FLIR E95. Exx-Series cameras have the resolution for difficult and advanced infrared scanning tasks. The ability to change lenses in the field has even allowed the great ability to allow you to find solutions in a wide range of thermal applications. With on-screen text annotation and voice annotation using a bluetooth headset, these cameras can provide you with all the tools a thermographer needs for the whole day and for any type of work environment. Including the ability to charge the camera battery through the camera using a USB-C car charger.





Flir ext series

The new updated range of FLIR thermal cameras, E5-xt, E6-xt, and E8-xt offers ease of use, measurement speed and unparalleled image quality for any kind of industrial, building, electrical application as well as for a variety of other cases.


FLIR E4, E5, E6, E8 with MSX® Enhancement

 • Display: 3-inch color LCD

• 640 x 480 digital camera

• Easy to use, weighs only 1.2 kg

• 2% accuracy

• File format: Radiometric jpg

• Alternating lithium ion battery with a lifespan of 4 hours

• Point measurement function

• Simultaneous storage of IR / Visual / MSX images

• Picture in Picture Picture (E6 and E8)

• Area box measurement function (E5, E6 and E8) Each includes a power adapter / charger with four plugs, a rechargeable battery, FLIR Tools software, a USB cable and a hard drive case. The E8 includes an extra battery and an external battery charger FLIR E4 • 4,800 pixels (80 x 60)

FLIR E5 • 10,800 pixels (120 x 90)

FLIR E6 • 19,200 pixels (160 x 120)

FLIR E8 • 76,800 pixels (320 x 240)