SL 600

SL 600

The SL600 receiver is designed to meet the evolving needs of the surveying market, and is designed for general land, marine and construction applications. At the heart of the rugged unit is a 6G GNSS receiver capable of using all six GNSS satellite networks (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS and SBAS), providing reliable operation in demanding conditions.


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The SL600 is lightweight at 1.2 kg. Its Xenoy housing holds up well to real-world use, according to test results by SatLab, resistant to 3-meter drops and 2 meters of water submersion. The dual hot swappable batteries provide 18-24 hours of continuous field use, depending on the mode of operation.

The SL600 receiver has a new onboard computer running the LINUX operating system, which ensures easy implementation of new functionalities, often a result of customer-specific requirements.

Over time, over-the-air firmware updates will be automatically available, adding new features at no additional charge. Users will be notified by the unit to accept the new firmware updates, or refuse them if they wish to keep their units as is.


All in one, on the pole GNSS Receiver Intelligent System
Satlab SL600 is built on a LINUX based operating system which controls all hardware and communications for an error free and easy to support solution. Just listen to Satlab SL600, it’s voice prompts will advise you of any issues together with a solution. It always remembers what it has performed before. Once you set up its operating parameters, forget about setting up again. Power up the receiver and its is ready to measure!

Satellite Tracking Technologies 
Satlab SL600 utilizes the latest in GNSS technology; 6G! The unit is capable of tracking 6 different satellite constellations,  namely GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, GALILEO, QZSS and SBAS

New Features 
Satlab SL600 new features; Automatic base station setup from a list of pre-defined coordinates without controller, Base/Rover RTK over internet, Direct Rinex recording, Voice in your local language, Remote internet access to the receiver and Remote logged data downloads.

Corrections Format Support 
Satlab SL600 is capable of processing all standardized corrections formats from local sources to national CORS  networks in both single base and network modes.

Working Modes 
Static, VRS RTK, UHF RTK, all surveying modes are available to meet any type of surveying application. A multiband GSM modem covers all type of data services available in the world, making sure that Satlab SL600 can connect to any NTRIP Network. Moreover, the internal UHF modem is compatible to work with any standardized radio protocol, ensuring your Satlab SL600 will work with any available base or rover                             station.

Unlimited Storage 
 In addition to its 1GB of internal memory, SL600 is equipped with a micro SD card slot for large files like long static observations in high precision applications.

Exceptional Battery Life 
Satlab SL600 is equipped with two high capacity hot-swappable Li-Ion battery packs. Together they provide up to 24 hours of uninterupted operation for continuous field work, without worrying about charging batteries.

Durable Housing 
Proven plastic alloy technology XENOY delivers maximum protection against harsh environmental conditions. It  never fails in extreme field conditions. Very high or very low temperatures, impacts, heavy rains are no more problems.