Duplicate of CUBERT Utils (professional)

Duplicate of CUBERT Utils (professional)

Full control of your measurements.... Cubert Utils professional serves for two purposes: operating the camera on the one side and analyzing the data on the other side. For operation, you can set-up the integration time, the frame rate, define the averaging, and take white reference as well as dark current prior to the measurements. Take raw data, reflectance or even radiance if your camera comes radiometrically calibrated. Cubert Utils also allows you to take hyperspectral videos with a frame rate of up to 30 Hz, depending on the camera model. Furthermore, Cubert Utils allows first analyzes on recorded image cubes out of the gallery as well as on the live data stream. Define an appropriate RGB band setting full interactively, spot the spectral signature of single pixels or whole areas, and apply predefined spectral indices, such as the Chlorophyll Absorption Integral (CAI) or hyperspectral NDVI. In Cubert Utils you can also place your own solutions, e.g. customized spectral indices, as user plug-in directly into the software. Export your data in any scientific format you want to use for deeper analyses, such as ENVI, Tiff, Multipage-Tiff and Multichannel-Tiff.


Cubert Utils (professional)

All basic features included

The Cubert Utils light features everything you need for an effortless work with hyperspectral cameras. In contrast to a lot of our competitors also the small version of our software features a full spectral correction of the data. Concentrate on your measurement tasks and let the software take care about the rest. The included tablet application is focused on real world applications for people wanting to get results on site without a full blown scientific over-cluttered surface.

User-friendly touch application

We introduce the Cubert Utils Touch application for interfaces and tablets. This application lets you easily connect to all of our hyperspectral cameras and control them with a touch of your thumb. Cubert Utils Touch also features our user configurable plugin database. With this you are able to upload your hyperspectral data analysis to the camera and get immediate results.


Supported OS Windows 10 64 Bit (planned: Ubuntu 18.04 64 Bit)
SDK SOAP protocol
Samples for C++, C# and MATLAB
GUI Backend control
Export format


Multi-Channel and Multi-Page TIFF



GPS IFD meta data

Batch export

Custom views Various examples: True Color, CIR, hNDVI, CAI, etc.
Classification support
Performance features Unprocessed recording mode


Software on site license for up to 3 computers

  • User interface: Cubert Touch and Cubert Pilot
  • Includes SDK for easy programming
  • 1 year support
  • License for 3 PCs and 2 years of updates
  • Easy-to-use camera operation
  • Remote control
  • Interactive band setting
  • Customized spectral indices as user plugin
  • Data export to multiple formats